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Placerias Quarry Panorama

Here is a panorama of the area where the Late Triassic Placerias Quarry is located in the Chinle Formation near St. Johns, Arizona. Sharp eyes can pick out a red car at the quarry just left of center of the photo above the juniper trees. Historically this quarry is one of the most productive sites in the Chinle Formation, and has produced numerous skeletons of aetosaurs, phytosaurs, "rauisuchians", crocodylomorphs, dinosauriforms, and of course more than 40 individuals of the dicynodont Placerias hesternus. The limited exposures have made stratigraphic correlation of this site to other Chinle localities problematic; however, it is a beautiful field area.


  1. A nice photo, but perhaps you meant panorama, not panarama?


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