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"Triassic Attack"

Unfortunately (or maybe not) I missed this movie, which aired in the U.S. last Saturday, about a Native American curse that causes roadside dinosaur attractions to come alive and eat everything. Despite being called "Triassic Attack" the main culprits are reportedly a Tyrannosaurus and a Cretaceous age pterosaur. Based on the previews and other comments it was probably pretty enjoyably horrible as a B-movie should be, but I am dissapointed that the producers didn't educate themselves a bit and use actual Triassic critters.

Did anyone see this and care to report?


  1. the main culprits are reportedly a Tyrannosaurus and a Cretaceous age pterosaur

    ...and something rather like Velociraptor. The "movie" was, as might be expected for anyone that has seen these made-for-SyFy-channel "movies," simultaneously campy, gory, and rife with terrible acting and terrible animation. Be glad you missed it!

  2. Though that pes with six digits on the title screen suggests something more Paleozoic... ;)


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