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Congratulations Sterling!

You gotta love graduation time. I'd like to recognize my good friend and colleague Sterling Nesbitt who is now officially Dr. Nesbitt. His mighty tome (dissertation) of over 600 pages pretty much covers most aspects of early archosaur history and phylogeny. Excellent work. Sterling is moving on to a post-doc position at the University of Austin at Texas where he will be working with Dr. Julia Clarke.P.S. Congrats also to Sterling and his fiancee Michelle Stocker on their recent engagement!

Nesbitt, S.J. 2009. The Early Evolution of Archosaurs: Relationships and the Origin of Major Clades. Columbia University.


  1. Bill, I need a copy of that picture!

  2. Awesome! Colin McHenry was awarded his Ph.D a couple of days ago, too, so there is definitely something in the air!


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